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Mass Effect - GameInformer Review

by Dhruin, 2007-10-27 01:04:16

BioWare is hyping the first review for Mass Effect, which is in the latest GameInformer magazine.  Only the briefest of quotes and the actual review is only at the newsstand, but here's the post at BioWare:

Game Informer Gives ME 9.75
[Oct 26] Check out the Nov issue of Game Informer magazine for an exclusive review of Mass Effect. GI gives the game a 9.75, calling it "one of the greatest science fiction stories ever told, and a new benchmark for video game storytelling."

Interestingly, this review has been discussed at RPG Codex since October 10th when someone apparently got an early copy of the magazine, which means the review was completed a long time before the "official" Gold annoucement just a few days ago.  Before we accuse reviewers of collaborating with game developers to write overhyped but early exclusive reviews, it's worth noting that "Gold" announcements are often used as part of the marketing calendar these days and don't always represent a genuine "we just finished" announcement.  But who knows?

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