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The Chosen - Review @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2007-10-27 01:42:24

GameBanshee has kicked up a review of The Chosen, with a score of 7/10:

Luckily, the combat system works pretty well. Rebelmind did a nice job in varying the locations you explore and the enemies you face to keep the combat interesting. Some enemies can turn invisible, some are rooted in the ground, some can resurrect fallen comrades, some lie in wait and try to ambush you, and others are weak but cast nasty spells. That means you have to pay attention to what you’re fighting, and you have to adjust your tactics to the situation. You can’t just run forward and kill everything that gets in your way (like in, say, Dungeon Siege II). You have to target some creatures right away, or attack and retreat, or simply run away, and it’s nice when an action role-playing game makes you think a little. 

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Chosen: WoS

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