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Depths of Peril - Post Release Interview @ RPG Codex

by Dhruin, 2007-10-28 21:28:38

RPG Codex has a nice interview with Steven Peeler from Soldak on Depths of Peril, talking about the development, how the public and media have reacted to the game and the future:

1. First of all, how was Depths of Peril received by the media? Did the reaction meet your expectations or surprise you in some ways?

Overall I would say the media has treated us about how I expected. We are a small indie company, so I didn’t really expect to get too much attention at first. However, a few sites have surprised me by treating us very well. Those sites that have taken a look at the game though have liked it. So far our average review score is in the mid-80s, which is good whether you are a large AAA developer/publisher or a small indie company.

2. I don't recall seeing any previews/reviews from large mainstream sites. Did you try to contact them, offer them review copies? Do you think they would have treated your game differently if it had a well known publisher's name on it?

Well it depends on which sites are considered large mainstream sites. We have contacted as many review sites as possible and offered review copies. We have gotten a handful of reviews so far (which have all been good) and have more that are coming soon. We still welcome more reviews.

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