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The Chosen - Review @ 2404.org

by Magerette, 2007-10-29 15:50:07

PC Gaming site 2404.org has posted a review of Rebelmind's action rpg, The Chosen:Well of Souls giving it a 5/10:

The story is a little confusing.  There’s some sort of big bad guy to beat, and there’s a school of alchemists that is dedicated to beating him.  As far as quests, I quote the official description here: “over 12 blood-curdling quests.”  I’m sorry, I have to do that again: “over 12.”  Twelve is not a big number; couldn’t they just count out how many?  I might have missed a few, but I’ll put the exact number at 13, just to not be argumentative.  The point: there aren’t nearly enough quests, and they do nothing drive the storyline.  Such quests as exist are based primarily around the alchemists and their desire to stop the evil arch-mage.  They’re very dedicated, and even let the player teleport to their lair at any time – a great escape button.  Alas, they’re not so dedicated as to give an adventurer a break on costs, no matter how likely the world is to be destroyed if they can’t at least repair his bloody equipment.

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