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Avencast - Interview @ GamersInfo

by Dhruin, 2007-11-02 21:25:52

Clockstone's Minh Tri Do Dinh has been interviewed at GamersInfo about their action/RPG, Avencast:

GamersInfo.net: Rather than a simple point and click move and combat system, the game sports a more interactive WSAD movement interface with 360 degree views and multiple-key spell casting. This likens the title more to an action game than traditional role playing titles. What prompted you to choose the more engaging combat style? Do you feel it increases the depth of play? What would you say to those players who find this type of play overwhelming or difficult?

Minh Tri Do Dinh: It was clear from the beginning that Avencast would become an Action RPG, so rather than produce another Diablo clone, we thought we should work towards a clear emphasis on action and implement a system that puts you right into the heart of combat. We wanted the action sequences to be as dynamic as possible, while challenging the player to bring their own skills to the game. It does increase the depth of play in terms of how you are involved in battle, but in a different direction than what one might expect from a traditional RPG. For those who may find this type of play too difficult, we implemented three difficulty levels. It is also possible to bind a limited number of spells to shortcut keys on your keyboard to make the controls a bit easier - so newcomers won't get frustrated that easily. We have a lot of positive feedback from players who weren't familiar with the control scheme at the beginning, but loved it during the course of the game.

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