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RPGWatch Feature: Depths of Peril Review

by Dhruin, 2007-11-04 21:47:25

Soldak's indie action/RPG with a strategy twist might look like just another hack'n'slasher but this couldn't be further from the truth.  Here's a snip from our Depths of Peril review:

A major part of the game is adding recruits to your covenant. Up to five recruits can join a covenant and any one of them can join you as an adventuring partner, while the others stay back at the house. Recruits can sometimes be found wandering the world, though more commonly they'll come into town and announce themselves available - but only if you successfully complete a quest (usually time limited) to win their favour. Having the best recruits makes a big difference in the early-mid game, and changes the flow of combat while adventuring, especially if you take a complementary class. Mage players who find a good warrior to take along, for example, can concentrate on spell slinging while warriors might appreciate a priest for the buffs and healing. The adventuring recruit can be swapped out at any time and an existing recruit can be kicked out of the covenant to make way for a better option; deciding whether to keep one partner or rotate recruits to build their experience in the field and mix up the gameplay is all part of the fun.

Read it here.

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