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Fury - Review @ Out of Eight

by Inauro, 2007-11-06 21:10:00

Out of Eight reviews Auran's PvP oriented MMO, Fury.

Fury is an online-only, person vs. person (or, as the cool kids say, PvP) role-playing game. Once you purchase the game you can play for free, although you can choose to play an extra $10 a month (cheaper if you pay for more time at once) to enjoy some extras. What are those extras, you say? “Immortal” players get faster transportation, a better chance of getting loot, priority queuing for matches, ladder events, and beta access. If you play the game a lot, I could see this being almost worth it, but the advantages are not overpowering so non-subscription players will not be at a great difficulty. Fury features a short tutorial that teaches the basics of the interface, but you really need to read the manual to understand everything as the game leaves a lot unexplained. When you start, you can choose from one of eight archetypes (classes). They are not as varied as you would think: there is a ranged spell-caster (called “spiritual”) and a close-combat specialist (“physical”) in each of the four schools of magic (life, death, growth, and decay). The spells obviously change between each of the schools, so there is some change in whether someone is offensive or defensive. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t make this terribly clear until after you’ve chosen your archetype, but you can change it later if you’ve made a wrong choice.

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