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Depths of Peril - Review @ Games32

by Magerette, 2007-11-08 19:22:03

Also spotted at Bluesnews was a link to this overall positive review of Soldak's action/strategy rpg, Depths of Peril at Games32:

First time I saw the game I said: “another Diablo clone”. But as I ventured more and more into the game, that idea started diminishing. First of all, Depths of Peril is the work of Soldak, an independent low-budget developer. They managed to created a game that, if you just give it a shot, it will captivate you for its unique gameplay that many other BIG titles lack...

...But what makes the game unique is the relations with enemy factions. A grid with all the covenants and the diplomacy states, influence, power and taxes are shown. If you have guards protecting the covenant, they will need money, being some sort of mercs. Each faction has two perks that will give advantage from the rest. Some are Lucky (finds more and better items than others), Financial (get bonus to tax), some are Aggressive (tends to start wars and raids quicker). All of factions can trade influence, items, crystals, money, create trading routes or alliances. The relations area of the game is very well customized and developed for a RPG, it even has graphs for comparison the influence and power.


Source: Bluesnews

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