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Dark and Light: In-Game Events

by Inauro, 2006-06-30 01:19:00
Farlan Entertainment has announced its intention to add in-game events to its recently released MMORPG Dark and Light.<blockquote><em> <br>Farlan Entertainment, publisher of Dark and Lighta c, The Largest MMORPG Youa "!ve Ever Seen!, today announced two additions to its popular online fantasy game that provide even more engagement for players on a daily basis. Alchemic Dream, Dark and Lighta "!s community management provider, has initiated multiple daily events for players to participate in, while the return of Dark and Lighta "!s newsletter, the Ganareth Gazette, once again keeps players up to date on the battles, villains, nobility, creatures, quests, and other developments in the land of Ganareth. <br> <br>a SJust as in the real world, Ganareth is a place where nothing stands still. Unexpected challenges and opportunities are a major part of the appeal of Dark and Light,a ? said Frdric Caille, CEO of Farlan Entertainment. a SWe believe players will find the daily events introduced by Alchemic Dream to be both entertaining and useful. Ganareth is a living, breathing world full of inspiration, intrigue and adventurea  a world people naturally want to be a part of.a ? <br> <br>The events introduced into Dark and Light are sure to be varied and fresh. In a recent schedule, for example, players had the opportunity to escort a troupe of performers traveling by Alka "!Em, take part in the Ganareth World Sport, take back a strategic Al-Drifa bridge, or stop a turf war between two spiteful clans. Events are staged in all five game languages and are posted on a weekly basis in the Community section of the sitea "!s language forums. <br> <br>The Ganareth Gazette is an indispensable daily news publication detailing all the latest thata "!s happening in the world of Dark and Light. Reports of various actions, schemes, stories and other developments are reported by a team of journalists. Feature articles also provide valuable information about the history, characters and strategies of Dark and Light. Players can find the Ganareth Gazette by logging onto www.darkandlight.com <http://www.darkandlight.com/> . <br> <br>In addition to these additions, Dark and Light has launched a new corporate home page at www.darkandlight.com .</em></blockquote>
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