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Vanguard: Screenshots & Dev Journals @ Stratics

by Inauro, 2006-06-30 02:14:00
Sigil has <a href="http://www.stratics.com/#newsitem1151627266,61190," target="_blank">gifted Stratics</a> with six exclusive Vanguard: Saga of Heroes screenshots and two new developer journals to go with them. Here's a snippet from one of the journals:<blockquote><em>Brennana "!s Stead was designed to make you feel like you have a safe place to come back to and repair, sell items, and talk with people after a hard day of questing. Being that there is a vast wilderness beyond the village it is nice to know there is a place like that to come back toa If you make if back alive!<br><br>I think the location itself being nestled into a mountainside helps give it a sense of protection, but the guards that patrol the area to let you know that danger lurks not too far away.</em></blockquote>
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