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Nethergate - Review @ GameShark

by Dhruin, 2007-11-14 21:37:19

It's rare to see a review of a Spiderweb game on a larger site but GameShark has a critique of Nethergate: Resurrection by well-known writer Troy S. Goodfellow (1up, among others). The score is a sold 'B' with the aging engine and long text exposition criticised. Inexplicably, the lack of automap is also listed as an issue -- which left me confused, because you can see the Automap button clearly in the screenshots provided, down in the bottom left. Am I missing something? Here's a clip, anyway:

It’s a stretch to say that if you’ve played one Spiderweb game you’ve played them all, but there is a lingering sense that each new game is a module on an existing engine more than a new experience. Vogel has set himself up as a story teller, and this story is pretty good. It’s got the usual ancient evils and ethnic misunderstandings, but it makes effective use of literary devices beyond the usual fantasy clichés. There’s dramatic irony (Romans love to talk about how awesome Nero is); legendary tropes (three magic hags) and a little humor (a battle of the sexes within a spider colony.) And the Celtic side of the story is parallel to the Roman. You have two separate adventures here with one side fighting for freedom and the other keeping the empire together.

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