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Depths of Peril - Beta v1.004 Patch

by Dhruin, 2007-11-15 21:53:30

Soldak continues their excellent support of Depths of Peril with a beta v1.004 patch:


  • fixed a crash in getEntitiesInRange
  • fixed a bug that allows most projectiles to get an extra critical hit bonus
  • fixed guard level display in higher difficulty levels
  • fixed guard information in higher difficulty levels not using difficulty mults for health, defense, and armor
  • fixed item highlight description sometimes going off screen
  • no longer show ground items when toggle is on if fullscreen menu is up
  • added an extra check to make sure covenant never thinks it is at war with itself
  • fixed a problem when fullscreen call happens during main ui loop and breaks ordered menu list
  • added very hard covenant aggression difficulty level
  • made lightning explosion sound effect quieter
  • fixed plaguebringer poison cloud after death not doing damage
  • made higher world difficulty levels a bit harder
  • potential recruits now save their skills and equipment correctly
  • increased damage per strength for rogue a bit
  • increased attack per dexterity for rogue a bit
  • AI no longer values a raid agreement if you already have one with them
  • fixed relation dropping to 0 if you offer a raid agreement with a covenant already raiding
  • fixed a problem where a character's gates would get lost when winning/losing a game and changing difficulty levels 

So far, the beta patches have been the same as the final release so these are usually safe to use.

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