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Sacred 2 - Q.& A. @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2007-11-18 15:42:21

Strategy Informer has posted an interview with Alan Wild on Ascaron's upcoming action rpg, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, covering a lot of basics, including characters, story and riding tigers:

Mike Bowden: Will we see any new race of playable characters or will the old characters such as Seraphim, Gladiator etc. be upgraded?

Alan Wild: The only character who remains from the original Sacred game is the Seraphim, and rather than  “being upgraded” she has received a whole new 3D makeover, complete with new skills, aspects, animations, armour sets, and so on. She will be recognisable in style, but everything else about her is new. Alongside the Seraphim players will find 5 completely new characters, namely: Inquisitor, Shadow Warrior, High Elf, Dryad and Temple Guardian, all of whom have their own unique aspects and combat arts with which to customise and personalise your chosen character.


Mike Bowden: Finally, what is your favourite new feature in the game so far and what do think needs the most work?

Alan Wild: For me, it’s two-fold… the detailed 3D world and the realism of it is incredible. To be able to travel so freely, and for the regions to be so varied, yet so well blended together is superb. The real beauty, however, is in the quality and the detail. No one region is the same, and the smaller details contribute to the whole and give you something new and interesting at every turn.

Then it has to be the characters and the ease of how you can really develop as suits your own style (increasing your attributes, learning news skills, and selecting and enhancing the combat arts according to personal preference). It’s great how you can take one character and develop along so many varied routes and combinations. For example, you could have multiple, vastly different Shadow Warrior characters, all with different attributes, specialising in alternate skills and weapons, and boasting different varieties of combat arts (a definite boon for multiplayer and player-character identity!).

Plus, with each character comes a unique mount, and I love the tiger! The texturing of the fur is beautiful, and the movement, combat and idle animations are absolutely spot-on. Given the present stage of development, it’s the enemy AI which needs most work. We have various responses and actions for enemies, but some need fine-tuning and modifying is still required, and we also need to be happy that the AI accurately reflect how you would expect each enemy to act. Incidentally, have you ever tried to motion capture a tiger? Almost as difficult as the mo-cap of the dragon… ;-)

PS. Did I mention that you can ride tigers?!


Source: Shack News

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