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Mass Effect - Hit NA Retail & Interview

by Dhruin, 2007-11-20 22:32:37

Although a whole raft of retailers released Mass Effect early, Microsoft and BioWare have officially announced the game's availability:

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- To the delight of gamers and science-fiction (sci-fi) fans alike, the wait is finally over as "Mass Effect," an award-winning action role-playing game (RPG) described by Game Informer Magazine as "One of the greatest science fiction stories ever told," hits retail shelves today, with a continued rollout to retailers worldwide planned.

...and TeamXbox has an interview with writer Drew Karpshyn:

What did you want to bring to Mass Effect? What did you try to get across through the characters?

Drew Karpyshyn: There’s two sides to it: One is the thing that people can expect from a BioWare game, which is party members are companions that really have a depth to them. They have their own back story. They have their own motivations…their own feelings. You can develop relationships with them…romances with some of them. You can turn them into life-long friends—orenemies, depending on how you interact with them. So, that’s one of the things we really try to give a player is that emotional interaction with their companions, with the people that they meet.

And I think the other thing we’re trying to do in Mass Effect as a whole is just evoke the spirit of the classic ’80s science-fiction movies. Movies like Alien and Aliens, Terminator, Blade Runner…those are movies that we all loved and we said, what was it about those movies that spoke to us, that really grabbed us? And how can we take those pieces—those common elements—and bring them in to Mass Effect, and put our own fresh, unique take on it, so they will give people that same kind of feeling and appreciation that we felt when we saw those things, but in a brand new story and a brand new intellectual property?

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