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RPG Codex - King of Dragon Pass Retrospective

by Dhruin, 2007-11-23 10:07:04

Shagnak writes that RPG Codex has posted a retrospective/review on the 1999 title, King of Dragon Pass.  I must admit to only knowing the game by reputation, so here's an introductory bit:

So, what's it about? It's hard to put the game within pre-defined genre borders. It begins with you picking the history of your clan by getting told of events and choosing what your ancient clan did during those events, what they decided to do. Your choices here will affect several basic characteristics of your clan, like what god they worship as their main god, what race are their worst enemies and how much land they start with. Most of it isn’t crucial for the gameplay, the disposition of your clan towards slavery being a notable exception, but it adds flavor and increases replayability by giving you a certain freedom in creating your clan.

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