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Mass Effect - Reviews @ Atomic Gamer, GameRevolution

by Magerette, 2007-11-26 18:20:46

Gamebanshee posts links to two new reviews for Bioware's space-themed XBox title, Mass Effect.

The first, from Atomic Gamer, gives the game an enthusiastic 91%:

While it's easy to draw parallels between Mass Effect and Bioware's previous games, it's also reasonable to compare it to games like Gears of War. Unlike the past games, you'll have a more tactical-action perspective on combat and can take cover behind low walls and other objects. Your skills with the various guns and "biotic" abilities (yep, it's a lot like The Force), as well as combat-based engineering feats, are all useful once the shooting starts. At first, the action is tough and the two companions which you choose to bring with you must complement your own abilities well if you don't want to come out of battles by the skin of your teeth every time.

The other, from Game Revolution, gives it an A-:

Deciding when one stops playing might be the most difficult choice Mass Effect presents, but it is far from the only one. This sprawling RPG from Bioware (Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire), reaches new heights in its blend of strategy, action, and space exploration in an immense and rich science-fiction universe. But what in other games would be ultimate success is, for Mass Effect, just the wrapping paper for its deeper pleasures: its balanced ethical dilemmas and their consequences...

Speaking of errors, Mass Effect isn’t altogether immune...there are a host of other little problems: the menu interface is non-intuitive, the maps, especially of the huge Citadel starport, are confusing, and the autosave feature often hangs you out to dry at the worst moments. There is a discernable lack of polish on Mass Effect, and one wonders what might have been if Christmas was more than a month away.

Call it inertia, but when Mass Effect is rolling, even these apparent problems are brushed aside. For Mass Effect is truly massive, with enough material  for at least three all-nighters. . . the first time through.

Source: GameBanshee

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