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Eschalon: Book 1 - Beta v1.03 Patch

by Dhruin, 2007-11-29 01:29:08

From the Eschalon forums:

Change log for 1.03 Update
[FIXED]: Vela has been redesigned a bit to help prevent the accidental failure of a specific quest.
[FIXED]: Hide in Shadows bug.
[FIXED]: Quick Travel with container window open crash.
[FIXED]: Alchemy lab ingredients inconsistency.
[FIXED]: Gravedigger's Amulet notification leaves the Effect Window when amulet is removed.
[FIXED]: Messing around with inventory while wearing a Gravedigger's Amulet no longer spams the message box.
[FIXED]: Enkindled/Enchanted bonues on weapons end appropriately when spell runs out.
[FIXED]: Compress Atmosphere scroll icon properly set.
[FIXED]: Fleeing enemies now avoid leaving the map which can cause problems; also creatures that might already be stuck on the edge of a map are forceably dealt with.
[FIXED]: Quick-swapping weapons while holding an item no longer deletes the held item.
[FIXED]: Yet more typos, and a few map alignment issues.
[FIXED]: Rare occurrence of system hanging when you strike a powder keg with a melee weapon.
[UPDATED]: Random Encounters (while camping) puts enemies in better locations- should no longer trap enemies in trees or in locked rooms.
[BALANCE]: "Divine Ore" quest pays 1000xp, rather than 100xp

You can get it here: http://basiliskgames.com/patches/eb1_103_update.exe

I am sure it is stable, but I will call it beta for a day or two while you people give it a test. If nobody has any issues with it, I'll post it live on the website.

Remember! Some of these map changes will not be visible to you unless you restart.

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