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Titan Quest: Reviews @ ComputerGames.ro & Eurogamer

by Dhruin, 2006-06-30 21:57:00
The next pair of Titan Quest reviews have come along - let's start with <a href="http://www.computergames.ro/site/p/articles/o/review/lng/en/artid/784/" target="_blank">ComputerGames.ro</a>, who awarded 85/100:<blockquote><em>Considering the fame of Diablo 2, comparing Titan Quest with Blizzarda "!s hack and slash is inevitable and there will be plenty of people who will say that TQ is nothing more than Diablo 2 with a different background. And for the most part, theya "!d be right. But you know what? At least from my point of view, this isna "!t an issue at all. In Diablo 2 your task was to follow Beelzebub into the fiery depths of Hell and put his reign to an end. In Titan Quest youa "!ll have to go toe to toe with the Titans, gods before the Gods of Olympus, who have now escaped their eternal prison and are seeking revenge on Zeus and the other immortals for imprisoning them. Even though the story isna "!t considered the most important aspect of a hack and slash, Iron Lore decided that a mediocre storyline simply wona "!t do for their game so they enrolled the services of Randall Wallace, screenwriter for movies such as Braveheart and Pearl Harbor. And although the story is clearly above average, the characters that youa "!ll meet in the game arena "!t so well fleshed out as I would have liked, which is a real shame. Yes, it may be a hack and slash, but that doesna "!t mean it cana "!t have a little substance to it.</em></blockquote>...and moving on to Eurogamer with a modest 7/10:<blockquote><em>But that's mere frame-rate quibbling - what is rather more important is how character development is delivered. Titan Quest takes an esoteric, if not unique, view of how to accomplish this. A rather Spartan introduction (no, really) leaves you with basic hero-in-tunic, and it's only as the game unfolds that you begin to work out how your character is going to evolve. As you level up you earn points to spend on the traditional strength/agility stats, and then you have secondary sets of skill trees which open up magic and combat powers. These allow for a kind of multi-classing system, since you don't have to concentrate on a particular tree. Of course you can specialise and spend more to open up higher-level powers, but you can also spread the wealth and allow yourself a rather more versatile toolset to play with. This is a fun kind of flexibility that only adds to the addictive potential of Titan Quest. "Just one more skill tree option?" Clickclickclick. "One more level..." Clickclickclick.</em></blockquote>Thanks to <a href="http://www.bluesnews.com/" target="_blank">Blue's</a> for the ComputerGames link.

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