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Fantasy Wars - Interview @ RPGVault

by Magerette, 2007-11-29 22:10:56

RPGVault  continues their coverage of 1C and Ino-Co's strategy title with rpg overtones, Fantasy Wars, with a post-release interview with Alexey Kozyrev, head dev and Project Leader for the game:

Jonric: Since we know Fantasy Wars is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements, what more would you like to tell us as an introductory overview?

Alexey Kozyrev:
Fantasy Wars is much more of a wargame than many other turn-based titles. You don't have to build cities; instead, you constantly improve the role of your army and it abilities for various military operations. In a certain sense, our game is a spiritual successor to the famous Fantasy Generals. Such titles are quite rare nowadays, and I believe that players do miss this genre...

Jonric: What are the specific elements and features that you consider most likely to interest fans of the RPG genre?

Alexey Kozyrev:
Since we pay great attention to your army's development, we decided to make the whole game in an RPG style. Each unit gains experience points and level-ups during battles. When a new level is reached, it gets one of three perks depending on its class. When moving from one mission to another, you can also spend money on a unit's upgrade and move them to other classes. That can be performed in a non-linear manner; for example, you can transform peasants into militiamen, scouts, archers and so on.

Heroes play a very special role. They fight along with other units, but can reach level 10, while other units are able to get to level 5 only. Moreover, heroes can carry three artifacts while ordinary units can bear only one. Yes, there are artifacts in our game. You can find them when going through missions or receive them as rewards for completing quests or performing a quick walkthrough.


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