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Mass Effect - Game Guide @ Eurogamer

by Magerette, 2007-11-30 17:27:20

For those who like a bit of a guidance with their gaming experience, Eurogamer has posted a so-called "Tourist Guide" for Bioware's space-themed rpg for the XBox, Mass Effect. It's meant to be a fairly spoiler-free general guide rather than a specific blow-by-blow walkthru:

Part of the appeal of a game like Mass Effect is finding your own way through the thing, doing what you think is right and seeing what happens. For this reason, we won't be walking you through the story missions, but we will be tipping you off to some of the other things you can do in the game and giving you a mostly spoiler-free tourist guide to where they are, what they entail and whether they're worth the effort.

It's a multi-part series, and you can find the first installments here for Part One and here for Part Two

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