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Sacred 2 - Preview @ Jolt

by Dhruin, 2007-12-02 07:41:19

Jolt has a three-page preview of Sacred 2 after having the game demonstrated by product manager, Alan Wild:

The story has certainly proved to be an important part of the game, as Alan continues: “The story is key. The story has to be key: without a good story a game loses a hell of a lot. If you’ve not got a good story, you’ve got a problem. The lead storywriter [for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel] is Bob Bates, who’s got a pretty impressive pedigree.”

“He’s written the entire Sacred 2: Fallen Angel background: timeline, schedule, what happens and when, and he’s then written the main quest as well. Then we’ve got six or seven additional professional writers who are writing for each of the different characters and various different side-quests and stories. These then go back to Bob for proofing to make sure it’s all in line with the plan. It’s all written in English so it’s an English development from the very beginning which, for an international release, is incredibly important.”


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