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Mass Effect - Review @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2007-12-05 21:17:32

Strategy Informer has a review up of Bioware's latest release for the XBox 360, Mass Effect, with an overall positive assessment and a score of 9/10:

In the end Mass Effect does carry some imperfections like bugs, glitches, texturing popping, some sound volume quirks and often laborious exploration in the MAKO but even after all that BioWare still has one mega-fantastic (yes, it’s a word) game here. The depth of the story, the quality of the cinematic styled dialogue and events, the brilliant scores of music that litter throughout – all build up an unforgettable immersion and by the end I was near grief-stricken that this tale had come to an end... Mass Effect is a landmark game for its charismatic storytelling power, BioWare show they are still easily at the frontlines when it comes to forging new, exciting and epic-level adventures.


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