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Bethesda Softworks - Dev Profile

by Dhruin, 2007-12-05 21:58:42

Bethsoft's Into The Vault talks to Senior Designer Kurt Kuhlmann in this latest entry:

What is the best part about working as a designer? The worst part?
Best part is certainly the chance to get paid to do something as fun as designing games. I’m still very aware of how lucky I am to be doing something I love. Maybe that isn’t exactly answering the question. I think it’s the collaborative process that I like best — designers work closely with programmers, artists, level designers — everybody on the development team. The process of taking an idea, which starts out as just a thought in your head, and working with other creative people to turn it into something real, is pretty amazing.

The worst part… there really isn’t anything I dislike about being a designer. Maybe losing an argument to Todd. But luckily, I hardly ever lose…

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