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Mass Effect - Content Features@ Gamebanshee

by Magerette, 2007-12-07 17:36:25

Gamebanshee has posted several content additions to their Mass Effect coverage, including searchable databases for equipment and planetary objectives, as well as a look at characters and some media:

First up, we have a fully searchable equipment database. Based on my experience, there should be well over 2000 items in the game, but this database only those 1000 or so that I've been able to confirm. I realize that the official strategy guide lists a lot more than what's in this database, but I'm not convinced it's accurate. For example, after 3+ plays through the game, I have yet to find any Ronin armor, Kaji shotguns, Ikazuchi sniper rifles, Thorn pistols, Apocalypse shotguns, or Deepsnow Tool omni-tools. THey could very well exist, but I didn't want to add them without verfification.

Next, we have a fully searchable planetary database. This database contains every planet, asteroid cluster, and ship that I've encountered in the Mass Effect galaxy so far, so it should be nearly complete. I'll be fleshing out each planet in more detail once I start writing the walkthrough, though, so expect this to get better.

On top of those features, I've also posted details about all six squad members, the game's classes, the various character talents, a full list of achievements, some new concept art, and a handful of new wallpapers.

Once I get back, I intend to add a Codex database and a walkthrough. In the meantime, though, enjoy! 

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