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Darkfall Online - Dev Journal #19 @ WarCry

by Inauro, 2007-12-10 21:09:26

Tasos Flambouras, the Associate Producer for Darkfall, has provided a round-up of recent happenings in a new developer journal at WarCry.

Things have been progressing smoothly in most areas except for testing. We're behind on the actual tasks and it's a lot of work. We have on-site testers on the job right now and we're looking for more. What we're looking at, at the moment, are the things we don't want the beta testers to have to worry about (ideally). I'm pitching in too, and my task at the moment is to check some areas for out of place objects, and doing accessibility testing, meaning that I'm making sure that players can get to places they're supposed to be able to get to. It's not the most rewarding work but it's important that it gets done. Some Dwarven locations for example are being corrected because they were just too hard to access through the mountains. We are behind schedule on the testing, ahead in other areas, but we're doing our best with it. We're getting much needed new hardware next week and this means that things will speed up considerably; we're also creating more workstations for additional testers.

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