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Bethsoft vs BioWare

by Dhruin, 2007-12-17 22:04:17

...in Team Fortress 2.  As the year winds down, the Bethblog has a fun item with a detailed After Action Report of a recent TF2 multiplayer showdown between the two studios:

As mentioned before, many of our devs take Team Fortress II pretty seriously when playing against other studios. This past week was a big one, as the Vault 101 Dwellers took on the boys from Bioware. Check out our very own Nate Purkeypile’s summary of the victory. It’ll be remembered here at the office as “Mass Beatdown.”

Last night, two titanic forces met in a battle of epic proportions. A prophet foretold of the match ages ago and said that two studios would have a battle to decide once and for all, who was the best RPG studio…well, or who was better at a multiplayer shooter. The day… was a Thursday. The maps would be Dustbowl and 2fort.

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