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Gothic 4 - Proof-of-Concept Screens @ Worthplaying

by Dhruin, 2007-12-17 22:30:08

Worthplaying has four screens they think are from Spellbound's development of Gothic 4, although they don't sound confident. I'm pretty sure we've seen these screens (or similar) months ago, so they are certainly proof of concept Gothic 4 screens but I can't find it in our database - no doubt you'll remind me in the comments.

Edit: JDR13 points out a post at the JoWood forums that explains these were used by Spellbound to demonstrate what a Gothic 4 might look like in their Vision engine.

Edit 2: Unfortunately Worthplaying, among others, seems to have forgotten to mention the original source. Middleware developer Trinigy posted the pictures and the following description in the  list of references for their Vision 6 engine:
"Screenshots of a Fantasy RPG study of one of our clients planned for release for PC & Next-Gen consoles and based on Vision Engine 6."
A scanned Vision engine flyer posted in the JoWooD forum includes very similar screenshots and mentions Spellbound as developer and the target platforms PC, XBox360 and PS3. The same German language thread from October includes a clarification by a mod that the game shown is definitely not Gothic 4. His statement was based on conversations he had with officials from JoWooD and Spellbound at the Games Convention back in August.
So the pics are most certainly not showing Gothic 4. It´s quite possible they were used in the early planning stages of the Gothic 4 project though.

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