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Gamasutra - Top 5 Developers of 2007

by Dhruin, 2007-12-18 22:59:03

BioWare and 2K Boston/Australia (Irrational) get knods in Gamasutra's Top 5 Developers of 2007:

While it may verge on the over-complex in some gameplay mechanics, BioWare's masterful Mass Effect feels like a genuine space opera. It has whirling emotions and a genuine story arc - so genuine, in fact, that you start to realize how basic the story in many other games is.

In addition, the character customization using Unreal Engine 3 made players even more acutely aware of their immersion in the action. And with fruits from Dragon Age to the 'mysterious' MMO still due under new taskmaster Electronic Arts, one can't help but think that the golden age of BioWare's story-driven epics has only just begun.

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