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Fantasy Wars - Review @ GameZone

by Magerette, 2007-12-19 17:22:38

Fantasy Wars, from 1C/Ino-Co is looking a lot more like a straight fantasy strategy title, despite the developer's claims to RPG elements, but as we've been covering it, here is the latest review at GameZone, which gives the game a 7.5 overall score.

The strategy elements:

 Still, what Fantasy Wars offers is a solid-looking game that can’t help but draw parallels to chess. How? Well, the mapboard for the campaigns is cut up into hexagons. Each of the army pieces has movement limitations and attacking ranges. The turn each player takes is comprised of moving a piece and then attacking any opposition in range. Of course, the more units you have the more attacking power you have.

Defense is nice, but the game seems to revolve around strategic movement and offense, rather than fortifying positions and defending. Each segment of the campaign is goal driven. You move your army across the mapboard, defeating enemies (and yes, some are hidden until you happen up on them, but for the most part you will see the enemy as you get in range and can decide the best course of action), capturing or liberating towns (important in that you can gain gold which translates into being able to add to your army), until you get to the main objective.

And what might be considered the RPG elements:

There are no uber units that give one side or another a decided advantage. What does help, though, is that as you fight you gain experience, which is applied to all the surviving units. Skills are rewarded and fall into two categories – active and passive. (Active are the skills you have to trigger in the game while passive are skills that are always turned on.) Skills can apply terrain bonuses...


While the combat elements of this title feel a little antiquated, Fantasy Wars still manages to be challenging with little room for error. Because it is turn based, you can consider a course of action, but bad choice are often gobbled up by the AI, especially if you are trying to get top scores for the mission level. The game is easy to jump into and play, so it should appeal to newcomers to the genre. While not a high-end turn-based game, Fantasy Wars is a decent title.

Source: Bluesnews

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