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PotBS - Preview @ WarCry

by Inauro, 2007-12-19 20:54:22

WarCry is making the most of the lifting of the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta NDA with a tour of the Flying Lab Software offices.

We then traveled to the Ghost Ship! That's right, Pirates of The Burning Sea has ghost ships! I was told that it won't be easy to find, and you will need to be well prepared to fight it. They are ghosts after all; a normal sword won't cut it. You will have to visit graves and other interesting places, following rumors and searching all over to find out where the ship is, and more importantly, how to fight it. The ship as you can see in the video was well done, the ghosts raising out of the decks, and swirling around the ship as the full moon shines down. Unfortunately we weren't able to actually fight the ghost ship on the tour, but I must admit, I am looking forward to doing so soon.

Source: WarCry

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