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NWN - v1.69 Beta 2 & PRC 3.2

by Dhruin, 2007-12-21 07:49:28

Beta 2 of the NWN 1.69 patch has been released by BioWare with quite a few changes since Beta 1.

In other NWN news, the Player Resource Compendium has hit v3.2 and has 10 new classes on offer - here's the intro from NW Vault's newsbit, which preceeds the full announcement:

Hall of Famer, Stratovarius, has sent some great news regarding the very popular PRC package on their fourth anniversary. This first is the release of PRC 3.2 which adds 10 new classes as well as new powers, new feats, new skills, and other new features. They also have news of what you can look forward to and a date for an Open House Chat to talk about their plans for NWN2 and more.

Thanks, Lucky Day.

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