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Fable 2 - Preview @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2008-01-02 11:51:04

Hooked Gamers serves up an oddly written preview of Peter Molyneux's upcoming action/RPG/dog simulator, Fable 2:

The third angle of this love theme is: A Dog. This dog will follow you around wherever you go. He will fight with you and it will help you in any way possible. The dog also changes as you do; if you're evil the dog will get very muscular and show his teeth to people and perhaps bite them. If you're a good person the dog will love to mingle with the people you meet. He will become very shaggy and have his tongue sticking out of his mouth. The Dog also serves another purpose and that is to scout for you. He will explore the areas ahead of you, pointing out anything of interest whether it be enemies, treasure or a new item. He will not engage into a fight or retrieve the item unless you trigger him to. Even if he gets hurt in combat and cannot keep up, he will track you down eventually, bruised and battered, and keep on doing his tasks.

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Fable 2

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