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Hard to be a God - Demo Impressions @ Filefront

by Dhruin, 2008-01-10 09:42:10

Filefront has some impressions of the recently released Hard to be a God demo:

Once I left the safety of the walls surrounding my encampment, I came upon a peasant who was in need of help. You can choose to help him, or go about your merry way - I chose to help and when I got down off of my horse to fight some nearby bandits I was wishing I had just stayed the course and ignored the guy. The bandits themselves were not so hard to defeat, even with my character being a total weakling at this point, but wolves ganged up on me while I was fighting said bandits and killed me; thus ending my demo. So to be honest, I have no idea what the actual duration of the demo is, but I do know that if you die it is over. 

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Hard to be a God

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