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Space Siege - CES Preview @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2008-01-15 22:39:24

Rock, Paper, Shotgun joins the throng with a CES preview of Space Siege, although they discuss the story and the introduction of depth such as moral dilemnas more than the other articles:

Gas Powered Games make mechanical games. Games where story and character are entirely secondary concerns to the underlying weights and balances: Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege are creations of honed function, not form. These are games that do not understand this human thing you call ‘love.’

It’s a very deliberate methodology, and one to celebrate. It’s quite the rarity these days, a time of graphical plenty, wherein cheap-to-make in-engine cutscenes see so many games overwhelmed by their own self-indulgent, exposition-choked narratives. At least someone’s still aware that you’ve paid your money to play a game.

With Space Siege though, everything changes.

I suspect GPG are aware that, if they are to become a developer of legend, they do need to try their hand at storytelling as well as at classical mechanics and interface design. And properly, as opposed to Supreme Commander’s perfunctory and tiresome talking-head mission briefings, or the fantasy saga archetypes draped so loosely around the Dungeon Siege games. Space Siege is the first time a GPG game isn’t just about you versus the machine (or a machine-like online opponent), but also about you versus you.

Two videos (via GameTrailers) of the CES presentation are embedded and they also point out a link to an interview with Chris Taylor at IGN UK that indicates Dungeon Siege 3 is on the drawing boards.

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