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Ron Gilbert working on an RPG

by Dhruin, 2006-07-04 00:50:00
An interview with Monkey Island creator and adventure luminary Ron Gilbert at CVG has revealed he is working on an RPG of sorts:
"I do have a kind of very story-heavy, story-based kind of RPG game that I'm currently designing, but I'm still looking for a publisher willing to publish it", Gilbert explained. "[It's] very heavily story-based, a lot of sensibilities of adventure games mixed with some of the action fun RPG elements."

"The thing I'm trying to do with the game right now is kind of meld it with an RPG," he continued, "So what you've got is the kind of large world exploration that you have in an RPG that you don't really have with an adventure game. You've got the action, some light combat, you know, Diablo-style combat going on with it, but it is also infused with really good adventure-game-style puzzles and adventure-style sensibilities to the storytelling.

Source: Evil Avatar

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