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Hard to be a God - Preview @ AceGamz & April Release for U.K.

by Magerette, 2008-01-25 17:52:02

 U.K. gamesite AceGamz has posted a preview of Burut's and Akella's sci-fi/fantasy rpg Hard to Be A God, based on the novel of the same name by the Strugatsky brothers:

 Good RPGs are hard to find and good RPGs with a solid, engrossing storyline are even harder to find. Oftentimes the promises made by such games to provide many hours of entertainment and a 'deep, absorbing narrative' fall along the wayside, leaving so many empty husks of potential. So it was with some cynicism that I approached Hard to be a God, a game that, on the surface, appears to be like any one of the hundreds of RPGs available at the moment. But, like the adage says, you should never judge a book by its cover, or a game, for that matter; pretty quickly I realised that Hard to be a God had much more in store than most of its ilk.

After discussing some of the game's graphic and other limitations, the previewer closes with enthusiastic praise:

What I've seen of this newcomer so far is all good; the narrative alone beats the heck out of any Hollywood blockbuster since - well, forever. Hard to be a God is perhaps the single most fun game I've ever played - I love it for the little touches of humour, the real feeling of progression, the sense of achievement, the way I had to keep playing just to discover more about the world and its inhabitants, the fact that I can disguise myself as a member of any faction - I love it for the combination of all these elements and more. It's been a long time since I've played a game that kept me awake for so long, and longer still since the reason it kept me up was curiosity.

Hard to be a God is a shining example of how to make a hack 'n' slash RPG - it's a magnificent tour de force that serves to show just how RPGs should be made. Veterans of the genre are guaranteed to find something that will, at the very least, make them change their views of what makes a good RPG and if you're not a fan then this might just sway your opinion. Either way, when Hard to be a God is released, the competition will have to work hard to match it.


In addition,  GamersHell has posted a press release from Ascaron for announcing the U.K. release date of the game. No details about release for other areas are mentioned:

  Ascaron Announces UK Release of 'Hard to Be a God'

Hard To Be A God, the new role play game from Ascaron to be released in April, uniquely combines the science fiction and medieval fantasy genres with a mix of ‘hack & slash’ and RPG gameplay. Be prepared for horseback jousting and sword fighting in an ancient time, as a secret agent from the distant future.

 For more details on the game here's the official homepage.

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