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NWN - v1.69 Beta 4

by Dhruin, 2008-01-26 12:46:45

Beta 4 of the v1.69 update for NWN has been released, offering a horse scripting system and a ton of fixed typos.

Technical Artist Brian Chung also raises the possibility of a v1.70 patch:

Well, 1.69 to include the ID and WCoC stuff was always on our plate, we just had no idea of when. As there aren't any more forthcoming Premium Modules, the chances of 1.70 with new content is even lower, probably only for any critical crash bugs or exploits.

I might consider cleaning out my rsync server and continue to run that as an unofficial "1.70" content server, and stuff things I wasn't able to in 1.69 into it, such as the stuff DLA made for other PMs that weren't released. Trout and bass fish creatures, rabbits, lizardfolk and dragonkin. Maybe animate that otyugh that batinthehat made awhile back.

Alter the water tiles to support the fish and sharks (and swimming and boating). Any more misc. tileset fixes.

Thanks, Lucky Day! 

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