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Fantasy Wars - Wrap Report @ RPGVault

by Magerette, 2008-01-26 17:14:56

RPGVault does one of their trademark post-release wrap reports with 1C:Ino.Co's Project Lead and Director Alexey Kozyrev and Game Designer Max Bodrikov on their fantasy/strategy game with RPG elements, Fantasy Wars:

On being a smaller developer: 

Alexey Kozyrev: Fantasy Wars became the first project for Ino-Co, which was formed in 2004. The core team was formed from people who had already worked on a space RPG called Star Wolves, and who had experience working together for some years. We were a little more than 10 men, and when we founded our new studio, we set a goal to create the best games in certain genres. It was really thrilling working together with such an objective. We were lucky that we didn't spend too much time searching for financing. 1C Company, the publisher of Star Wolves, was ready to help us out.

At the beginning of development, we didn't have enough team members for such a big project as Fantasy Wars, so little by little we added more staff. Despite the intense work, I never wanted to hire, for example, several programmers part-time. Our guiding principle was to employ real professionals and pay attention to the human factor in order to be sure we could all work and communicate with each other. Such a point of view helped us to remain a team in the true sense of this word.

 On audience response:

Max Bodrikov: We are very happy that both players and game journalists enjoyed our title. The feedback corresponded with our expectations for about 80 percent. : )

The target groups didn't let us down, describing their positive emotions and favorite features in blogs and forums. That is amusing, but I noticed that players pay more attention to gameplay, while journalists concentrate on graphics. I thought that it would be vice versa, but I was mistaken.

Some negative emotions were expressed about the videos made with the game engine. This was a little surprising for us.... In our future projects, we shall focus on that aspect; we are now planning to release a sequel called Elven Legacy and additional mission packs

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