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PotBS - Review @ YouGamers

by Inauro, 2008-01-26 22:05:44

YouGamers sets sail with Pirates of the Burning Sea, awarding Flying Lab's MMO a score of 82 and in a mostly positive review concluding:

The limited number of careers (character classes) and the current weakness of most of the available abilities will most likely hamper replayability and create min-maxed cookie-cutter builds that everyone uses. I could see myself rolling maybe one or two alternate characters over time, but chronic alt-a-holics may grumble a bit about the lack of choices. It remains to be seen how engaging the endgame at level 50 will be in the long run, but in any case there is enough here to justify the sticker price and the subscription fees for a few months. Not every MMO has to be all-consuming affair that takes over your life, and this one is definitely casual-friendly, offering things to do even when played in moderation; yet it does include features that could entice veteran players to compete long after the initial level grind to 50 is done. At a minimum, Pirates of a Burning Sea is a tasty light snack to be enjoyed in addition to other games, or as an appetizer while waiting for the Next Big MMO, but it's quite possible that it will develop to be the Yarr-tastic sea-based stepchild of EVE Online with the cutthroat PvP aspect keeping things going - only time will tell.

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