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Morrowind - Retrospective @ Next Gen

by Dhruin, 2008-01-26 22:06:51

Next Gen has a retrospective of Morrowind courtesy of UK mag, Edge.  Here's a snip:

Games are often, and easily, branded as interactive simply to set them apart from passive forms of entertainment. But that doesn’t make gamers proactive. Involvement requires willing participation; Morrowind is an elaborate but inert gameworld, whose gears don’t move until you actively propel them, and that take a wealth of effort to sound out. Aside from the rules of play, there’s an entire culture to ingest and digest, covering politics, religion, geography, guilds, lore, drugs, booze, diseases, flora, fauna and even books that can’t just be picked up, but also read (even if their pages are few).

It’s a heavyweight ask. And you’re often dogged by incoherence. Sometimes, people notice you stealing even though the onscreen icon that indicates that you’re not being detected is lit. Sometimes crimes aren’t even reported; wronged folk just get violent – until you leave their homes, at which point they won’t follow you. Other times, murders without witnesses are instantly acknowledged by the apparently psychic and teleporting guards.

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