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Bethesda Softworks - Dev Profile

by Dhruin, 2008-01-30 22:06:06

Inside the Vault at the Bethblog talks to character animator Gary Noonan about his background, work and the long path he took to working in the industry:

My story is FAR from what most developers would share. In the beginning, I guess around ‘91, I was a grease monkey. In short, I worked with cars in a body shop. Most of my formal training and certification was in the automotive industry. Painting, body work, restorations, customizations, you name it. I decided to take a break and I tried my hand in school at classic animation. Old school. We are talking Oxberry and acetates (you old folks will know what I am talking about). School was a drag. I didn’t feel challenged and it was actually quite boring. So, I dropped out.

I ended up in a graphics studio that was short lived since it was sold out, but I got some valuable knowledge from it. Then I did some freelance work for a while but it simply wasn’t how I wanted to make a living. So, I went back to the car gig. After about a year I tried my hand at computer graphics and computer science at school in MD. Drag drag drag drag drag…. after maintaining a 3.96 gpa and feeling like I had learned nothing after a few years, I threw in the towel. Another waste. Back to cars.

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