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PotBS - Review @ VideoGamer.com

by Inauro, 2008-01-31 20:52:38

VideoGamer.com reviews Pirates of the Burning Sea and makes some interesting points about community and the endgame.

It's also worth casting an eye over what PotBS will have in store for players who get to later levels. Societies replace guilds (you can only join a society of members from your own nation, which we think is a bit of a drag). We've already talked about the tantalising prospect of 25 vs 25 PVP fleet battles, but we're also interested in port conquests. Societies can make a port vulnerable to conquest by fighting NPC trade envoys, naval squadrons and privateers in sea battles and engaging in economic based missions, for example manufacturing gunpowder and other supplies and giving them to rebels in the port. It's then up to you and your sea mates to turn the tide of control on the port, giving your society a server-wide victory and special loot. Nice.

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