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PotBS - Interview @ PotBS Vault

by Inauro, 2008-02-02 23:54:50

PotBS Vault chats to Bruce Sharp and Tom Tobey, Art Director and Lead Animator for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Bruce: One of the first things that's going to happen is that UI is going to get a lot of attention. There have been a lot of complaints about UI so we've put together this little task force and they're all going to review what's been said, and see where we need to go with that. After that, or maybe even simultaenously, we're getting dev support for this. The environment pipeline is kinda slow, our toolset isn't great so it takes a while to make a town. I have interns from the school where I teach doing what should be done by the tool. They're putting in the physics, like they're building all these shapes and stuff around the objects ingame so they don't collide. So we're really going to have a big overhaul of the tools. It's something that players won't see but what they will see is more content coming out more quickly.

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