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Mount & Blade - Preview @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2008-02-05 23:05:57

Paradox' signing of Mount & Blade is having an impact with a major site writing a preview.  GameSpy's article covers ground that will be familiar to anyone who has checked M&B out but it's nice to see them getting coverage:

Battles on the big map aren't so forgiving as in the arena. Your typical mountain bandit is more interested in slitting your throat than in knocking you unconscious. The game really shines during field battles where a couple dozen of your troops will clash on the field against a few dozen raiders -- axes whirl through the sky, arrows fly, horses stampede, and blades flick through the air decimating anything in their wake. Your helmet, weapon, and sword-arm become red with blood. Few games depict combat the way you'll see in Mount & Blade. Bring your bastard sword down onto the head of a fleeing rider and he might do a front-flip over his horse, sending both man and animal into a gruesome somersault.

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