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WoW: Rogue Talent Review & Warcraft Weekly @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-07-05 03:17:00
A recent post in the official World of Warcraft forums gives us a first glimpse at the proposed Rogue Talent Review. Snip:
The review is well underway and we wanted to share a sort of first glimpse into the changes being made for the rogue talent review. Keep in mind that these changes are not complete or final, and the below information is likely to alter as we move into our testing phases. While not everything is listed, the below list encompasses the majority of changes being made in the review.

I'll be working in the weeks to come to get as much additional information as possible, but it is likely that quite a bit of the final information regarding talent changes will not be fully announced until the talent calculators go live. Of course you'll also be able to actually play around with the changes too once the Public Test Realms go up.

I'm going to just list the changes and provide additional information where possible or necessary. Let's get to it.

# The following talents have been removed: Improved Deadly Poison, Improved Distract, Throwing Weapon Specialization, Improved Vanish, and Rapid Concealment.

# Improved Instant Poison is now "Improved Poisons" and increases your chance to apply ALL poisons by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Also in the headlines at the official World of Warcraft site is the latest edition of the Warcraft Weekly. Head on over and catch up with the latest from the official message boards.
Source: World of Warcraft

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