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Lineage 2 - Revisited Review @ GameZone

by Inauro, 2008-02-07 20:50:41

GameZone revisits Lineage II and finds that with the release of The Kamael many player concerns have been addressed, but the core game remains unchanged.

What is readily apparent in the latest bit of evolution in the game is that several concerns of players have not only been heard, but implemented. In the past, attacking a castle required that the event be scheduled, but not for those who could not stand the wait, a fortress siege system has been added. There are nine castles in the world but 41 fortresses are now in place. A clan can attack at any time, and should they conquer the fortress, then certain leveling benefits and skills become available. Recently announced was the opportunity for players to (for a fee) change names, gender and – later this month – even jump to a different server.

Source: GameZone

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