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GamesRadar - You're not a Real Fan

by Magerette, 2008-02-12 17:46:52

GamesRadar has one of their tongue-in-cheek articles up about some seriously hardcore gamers called  You're not a Real Fan  and it may be worth a look just for some of the examples from beyond the fringe of gaming like this:

 Think you’ve got a nice game library do you? We don’t care if you can bust out a copy of Little League Baseball or Duck Hunt for the NES. Your videogame library sucks and is in sore need of just about everything when compared to real collections. Click here for an interview with the anonymous owner of what might possibly be the largest personal videogame library ever. It’s so huge in fact, that he can’t even say how many systems or games he currently has stockpiled away. What he can say is that it took him over 16 years to amass his ginormous archive of vintage gaming titles, consoles and accessories. 

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