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Disciples 3 - Q & A @ Gry.o2.pl

by Magerette, 2008-02-14 16:15:59

A developer Q & A is up at Gry.o2.pl with Dmitry Demyanovsky, project lead for .dat and Akella's fantasy strategy sequel in Strategy First's Disciples series, Disciples III:Renaissance. The interview is posted in Polish, with the English translation available in the sidebar. Several screenshots are also on display.

Some snips:

Andrzej "Klecha" Klimczuk (Gry.o2.pl): Let's start with the obvious question. What's different about Disciples III compared to previous editions?

Dmitry Demyanovsky (.dat/Akella): Hi, my name is Dmitry Demyanovsky, I'm a project leader. The Disciples III: Renaissance has the following features to tell it from the previous sequels:
- the world of Disciples was transferred into a stunning 3D environment;
- we have improved the battle system, which now requires more tactical decisions (more about it later:));
- level-up system has been greatly improved, now you have an opportunity to develop characteristics of your leaders as you like (or use predefined scheme of development);
- leaders now have customizable armor and equipment. Wearing different types of armor changes appearance of the character;
- we have a deep character-based storyline.

On the length of the game:

Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): How big will be the world of Disciples III for the players in the game and what sorts of locations and settings they will be able to explore?

Dmitry Demyanovsky (.dat/Akella): Disciples III: Renaissance is a strategy game, so it's better to use term "mission" rather than "location". The game is divided into 3 campaigns, each contains 6 missions. Plus a big final battle. So there are totally 19 single player missions, which take place in different regions of the Disciples world. In each mission you'll have a plethora of things to do, besides a key objective. You can complete additional quests, find hidden treasures and explore dungeons, which now have multiple floors full of nasty creatures and artifacts.

On the status of the game:

Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): At the moment, what is the current status of the game's progress and when do you expect it to be completed?

Dmitry Demyanovsky (.dat/Akella): We plan to finish the Disciples III: Renaissance project in early 2008.

Source: Bluesnews

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