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The Witcher - Future Classic @ Forbes.com

by Magerette, 2008-02-14 16:46:10

Along with announcing a sales figure to date of 600,000 copies, the official site for CDProjekt's cRPG The Witcher posts a link to a feature article at financial site Forbes.com that lists the title among ten future classic games in an article about the future of video games. While the article focuses on console devlopment and the Wii in particular, it also has this to say:

PC games are going to grow in importance, especially for older, more educated gamers. After being widely dismissed as dead (or irrelevant at best) only five years ago, PC role-playing games have made a tremendous comeback.

They also have some comments on the future of graphics over content:

Videogame graphics will continue to grow richer and more detailed. But don't expect that photo realism alone will be enough to sell a game. Sony's face-flop with the PS3 proves gamers aren't obsessed with hyper-realistic graphics to the extent that game designers are.

Most gamers don't require characters that look exactly like actors in a movie, and don't care how realistically blood splatters; they want to play great games. Chess isn't any more or less fun in high definition; it's the game that counts.


As a sidenote, Forbes makes a rather interesting prediction here:

Within 10 years, guilds formed on "War of Warcraft" or other online games will become offline political forces. Especially in Asia, look for these groups to start agitating for social change...In short, the instigators of the next Tiananmen Square could very well not be students from Peking University, but members of the "Chinese Nathrezim Finger Guild."

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