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PotBS - Interview @ Gamespot AU

by Inauro, 2008-02-14 20:50:39

Gamespot AU catches up with Russell Williams, co-founder of Flying Lab Software, to talk about the recent launch of Pirates of the Burning Sea.

GameSpot AU: Given Blizzard's domination of the MMO market with World of Warcraft, how hard is it to get eyeballs on a fresh title?

Russell Williams: I think if we were releasing another elves and dwarves game it would be a hell of a lot harder. But the great thing is, when you're releasing a pirate game, people's eyes light up when you say the word "pirate"--people get it immediately. I don't have to explain the background or the understanding of it. People get excited about it. The fact is, Disney showed us with the Pirates of the Caribbean films that if you put out something good with pirates, people love it, and they're interested in picking it up and trying it out.

Source: GameSpot

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